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Post Graduate Studies in Clinical Nutrition (PGSCN)

CNCB Post Graduate Studies in Clinical Nutrition™, and other credentialing and continuing education programs are intended as advanced training for physicians and other health care professionals.  These courses alone do not confer upon an unlicensed practitioner the legal authority to implement the information in these courses upon patients or clients.  Some of the information in these courses may be beyond the scope of a private practice CCN who is not licensed as, or supervised by a physician, or other appropriately licensed practitioner. Before utilizing the information or techniques presented in these courses on patients or clients, an unlicensed practitioner, or a practitioner with a restrictive license (such as a pharmacist, chiropractor, nurse or dietician) should check with the relevant practice acts in his/her state to ensure that the practitioner’s use of the modalities, therapies or techniques set forth in these courses is consistent with state law.



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Submit your Candidate Profile Page to the CNCB.

Candidate Profile Page for Certificate of Completion

After submission of the Candidate Profile Page to the CNCB, access the course online and begin your study.  Four sessions are $1125.00 each session, paid individually, once accessed 90 days will be allotted to complete each session. 

Post Graduate Studies in Clinical Nutrition Online Program Access

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Note: The program sessions can be taken in any order.


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